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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gucci or Once Again?

I’ve noticed there are a lot more people perusing my local church run thrift shop. Maybe it’s the economic slump driving penny pinchers in. At the same time, the pickings are pretty slim compared to just a year or so ago.

, Chickadee and Double A saw fit to meet Auntie K there this morning with me. (You know you are country when the kids are so into getting out of the house they’ll go to the thrift shop.) When they were little, a trip there meant an adventure, and the acquisition of a “new” toy, or book. Now 14, 12, & 10, they will look around and pick through bins with me half heartedly, and if they actually find an item they want to bring home, they point it out like “hey, I don’t really want this but we’re here sooo….”

ouble A is currently pissed at me for making him try on the BRAND NEW (looking) Levi’s I found (2 bucks!). You would think I just gave him a blanket infested with small pox germs.

I found a Gucci purse too. All purses are 50 cents. I didn’t buy it because I don’t need it, but I photographed it with my cell phone for you guys. A Mennonite lady was looking at me in confusion, but being an intrepid new blogger, I was all, “this is for my fans.” Check this thing out. The Once Again is where old Gucci’s go to die. The next time you pay $500 for a hand bag, I want you to imagine it hanging here in five or ten years! Can you guess which purse is the brand namer? (It's the black one on the right).

I also found a nifty book that is sure to cure ALL of my problems.

bought a crock pot there last week $3. It’s kind of avocado green, it works like a charm, and I’m almost certain it’s safe and won’t burn my house down.

igging through boxes of stuff and finding treasures is so fun. It’s like guilt free shopping. How can you feel bad when you hook yourself up with a bunch of kitschy Christmas stuff for on “bag sale” for $3? After all 9/10’ths of what I buy seems to be decimated by enthusiastic children, DH, pets, or even siblings (you know who you are) so these items kind of pay for themselves in the long run, and fulfill my need to create a holiday atmosphere.

ince I’m not working and currently relishing my life on unemployment (I did have SPINAL surgery this summer for Pete’s sake ~ resting and recovering is sooo nice) my income is limited and I’m thinking I’ll make home-made gifts for Christmas. It could be genius, or it could be disaster, I bought cute tins to pack gifts in, and ribbon to decorate them with ($3 bag sale!). So, except for the actual hand made gifts I’m good to go.

selected some neat-o belts for 50 cents, which is cool because her current bid to go to the mall is somewhat out of my monetary radar at this time.

hickadee didn’t find anything and she immediately slopped herself with Purell when we got in the mini-storage, but I think she had fun sifting through other people's old Stuff.

I really like the concept of re-purposing, and finding trash in treasure. I also like the idea that if my kids find themselves knee deep in some problem that leaves their cash flow low, they will know what to do. I know kids who’ve headed off to college thinking the only place to buy jeans is at Abercrombie and Fitch. They are the same people who will wind up in credit card debt before they are a quarter of a century old.

My first job out of high school was for Key Bank. It was a great place to work and I learned a lot from the ladies I worked with. I can remember Rosalie pointing out a lady and saying “watch this; she juggles credit and income like a clown on a tightrope.” My husband and I have no unsecured debt. No debt at all except for the Mini-Storage and the Lil’ yellow schoolhouse. If we purchase an item it’s with cash. I like that about us. I want my kids to grow up understanding that their credit is important to protect and finding joy in buying the occasional used belt, crock pot, decorations, Pyrex bake ware, or puppy kitten salt and pepper shaker set is a part of that.

Best wishes,


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