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Friday, March 19, 2010

Marital Angst & Ass Shrinkage

KK, so I want to talk a bit about channeling anger and/or frustrations into exercise.  DF Garden Mama calls this "excercizing your demons."  Heading out on an anger patrol walk, it does wonders for shrinking your ass (I lost a ton last summer fury-walking.)  As does splenda (especially the fiber enriched stuff):

Green St. Patty's day nails, green shamrock & Green fiberlicious Splenda.  
(Anything that helps keep me regular has my vote.)

DH has recently come public to me with the idea that he simply cannot be happy if the house and mini-van are not in pristine shape vs. myself who is happy if she has time to write, watch the birds, and cook, even if you can't eat off of the floors, and even if the joint ain't jumpin' spotless this mama is glad to be alive and healthy.  Worrying about living in a magazine cover, not my biggest concern, and I don't feel that this attitude makes me warped, psychologically unsound, a failure or discusting...

I mean, we're not talking TLC's Hoarders here. We're talking 3 kids a house full 
of pets and 2 hrs away from clean.

In other words, I don't care if there is dust on my treadmill. Like, a LOTTA dust.  I'll get to it when I get to it...

...Which happens to be now because I'm so pissed at my own inability to turn down a Whoopie Pie, or a ho ho, or a mocha latte.  Soooo, I walked a lot yesterday. Like 10 miles total.  Too much probably, but this pre-coffee morning I weighed 3lbs less.  Soooo I have lost 3 lbs. since Wednesday. A pound a day.  Not too shabby.  And as I'm viciously striding along East Lake Rd. or ask-me-for-something-while-I'm-treadmilling-I-freakin'-dare-you'ing, I'm trying to release a little anger, and understand where my DH is coming from.

I am using this website Fit Tracker to track food and exercise.  Essentially I need to be accountable to somewhere/when, and work toward a deadline.  I also don't want to go to Weight Watchers because I just don't.  

My message to my body? "Beware fat cells in my ass and belly, for you're time has come!"  I plan on bringing some other "health foods" into my diet, to see if switching from regular oatmeal to sugar free actually makes a difference.  Who knows right?  Let's ask Jillian, oh that's right, she is a pill-hawking sell-out now.  (Still angry about that. Boycotting Biggest Loser.)
Oh and I'm also checking out this site Fly Lady to find some ways to keep the house up more, while not fueling frustration, anger, and a general feeling of "who the hell do you think you are" toward other individuals also known as my husband and children, who live with me and create mess but expect it all to be cleaned up after them.

So what are YOU going to do to feel better about yourself today?

Best wishes,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lose Weight Gain Hotness!

Yeah, weight loss.  I freakin' hate being overweight.  What's worse is yo-yo dieting, losing 40lbs, finally feeling thin, then slamming 15 lbs of french fries, Shamrock shakes, Cadbury Eggs & Pancakes back onto your ass.

Over the years my diet pills have been recalled, I've hurt my back, the fat clothes hanging out somewhere in a bin began hanging in my closet again... I know I'm not the only chubby hot girl with a pretty face who yo-yo diets, but it still sucks.

So, my plan is to eat less shitty foods, work out more, and preen myself into a thinner, lovelier version of me in a healthy, non-threatening manner.  

THE GOAL: Get down to a loose size 12 AKA 150 lbs on my 5'4' frame and fit into a wicked cute summer dress like such;

THE ULTIMATE GOAL FAT BUSTING DREAM: Get down to 140lbs where I feel dead sexy. Yeah, wicked dead sexy.

kk so how is it going to happen?  Not atkins, cuz I can't stand eating all that meat.  Not starving myself cuz I can't stand not eating. Not taking pills, supplements or powder type stuff cuz I don't like diet pills (which make me jittery and cranky) or supplements... even if Jillian from Biggest Loser is selling them now.  The traitorous biatch.  

I'm going to walk the dog.  I'm going to walk myself on the treadmill.  I'll use little 3lb barbells (I am not supposed to lift over 5 pounds due to herniated discarado, but 6 shouldn't break the law too much).  I'm going to walk down the road with those barbells and not feel stupid!!!  I am also going to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, add fiber to my diet in my splenda and maayyybe in tablet form.  

The hardest thing? I'm going to give up internet games which waste my time.  Facebook you're addictive games are sucking my day free of time to work out.  So, there it is.  I'll post pics too.

Yesterday I walked 2 miles with the dog and did a mile on the treader.  I ate healthy except for one small Shamrock Ice Cream Cone from Seneca Farms (it's a Penn Yan thing, Seneca Farms).  Today I did the same work out with little barbells and didn't eat any ice cream.  Bear with me weight loss compadres, I'm about to admit to my current weight. OUCH. 

185 lbs.

So biatches, let's try this, let's talk about looking and feeling healthier!  I figure losing the weight will be good for my back, and also make me look damn fine when I go out to O'Leary's dancing in my cutie summer toe-free heels! Ga Ga La La La!

Best wishes,