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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Daze

My lips are frozen to my teeth.

Ahhh the coveted "snow day." For the last I don't know how many years, the mere suggestion of a snow storm had my kids wearing their pajamas inside out and filling the toilet with ice cubes. When a storm petered out or the snow fall got scraped out of the way too quickly and efficiently, leaving school in session the whining began; "doooon't make us goooo, the Superintendent doesn't care if we live or die" (cue dramatic concerned looks out the window at the waning snowfall and respectably clear roads)

Our Frozen Snow Covered Lake

We live in NY, so bad winter weather is bound to leave you stranded without electricity or flushing toilets eventually.  So yes, my kid's Snow Day prayers finally come to fruition this week. School was canceled today due to a snow storm and by 6pm the school's automated service had called to inform us tomorrow has also been declared a snow day.

Lake View Sledding Hill

Aberlee snickering at the Birds, out in the cold, 
fighting for their lives.

Brody Wondering if I'm ever Getting him Those Doggy Snow Booties He saw at Petco.

The kids were out sledding with their uncle when the good news came in. Like Pirates, hanging off of a ship's mast, challenging the Gods of the storm they began to gear up for the weather.  Immediately after I notified them, they went for pizza, stopped to buy hot chocolate mix, rented movies and began the cackling.  If my (almost) 14 year old son hadn't shoveled the whole driveway without prompting (from today's catastrophic snow load), and my 16 year old hadn't washed her own laundry (with only minor threats made on my part to throw in some of her 11 year old sister's stuff as well) I would be far less enthused about tomorrow...but something has me looking forward to the storm...and the extra time with the fam before my schooling begins again...I hope they remembered the marshmallows!

Best wishes,

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  1. We have been without power for 2 days so I can relate! Kerosene heaters, wood stoves, buckets of water, food that doesn't need to be refrigerated! Hope you are safe and warm and having fun!