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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Bi-Polar Christmas ~ A Love Hate Relationship ~

I think I honestly love to hate Christmas.  

One minute I'm creating new FaceBook profile pics on Paint it!  And giggling like a sociopath while snickering "Look, Rudolph is whispering in my ear!" Until I realize what a mess the house is when Brody saunters by with a half decimated roll of TP... 

The next minute I'm all grumbly and complaining and not wanting to steam clean pine pitch out of the carpet or re-wrap the presents that got on the carpet that had pine pitch on it, and I'm pulling tinsel out of a dog/cat/rabbit/kid's butt while wondering just who came up with all of this "Christmas Tra-Freakin'-dition"

Don't worry though, I wash my hands and rally, and the next minute I'm laughing my potato off while turning my husband into a little person Santa's Elf whose body guards are bikers... 

Only bikers make me think of motorcycle trips, which makes me think of vacations, which makes me think of our Christmas budget, which could be spent on plane tickets to exotic locations like Boise Idaho or Elk Washington which sets me off again...

So instead of cleaning up the
pine pitch I shop online for pet toys in bulk (my mother just brought home a pit bull/bull mastive mix) and I see this... And Awwwww! They have it in a medium for my Brody dog. Look it Lights Up!

The Holidays Are Exhausting. This year, I hope to slow down and really appreciate that I have a family.  We might be a whole lot nuts, but we're whole, and that's a real blessing.

I just pray DH doesn't flip his Santa hat when he sees I posted his elf pic. (o:  


  1. OMG I am having the same dual feelings about Christmas this year. One minute I'm all gung ho and the next I feel like PMSx10! Hopefully New Years will be all good! Love your blog and I'm a follower now!

  2. OMG..... Becky you are so funny.... Thats y I love you!!!!!!

  3. Hmmm...you just described my life perfectly!

  4. Ha, yep. Agreed! I'm pretty sure if I get my pooch one of those light-up tree shirts I'd be completely in the Christmas spirit. I saw a cute shirt for my pitbull/boxer mix but my boyfriend refuses to let me me buy it. Hmmph!

  5. I like the idea of Elk Washington!!!! You make me smile even on the worst of days!!!