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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy Abduction Plan

In the days after Christmas, my 7 year old nephew lost a tooth.

It is my belief that my nephew is a normal kid, though he reminds me a lot of his mama, my Jess sis, who is far from normal herself (snicker snicker)

Never one to care much for money, always one to experiment, my nephew put his lost tooth at the bottom of a jar and propped the lid open. This of course was in the hopes of capturing the tooth fairy herself.

His plan was to keep her as a pet.

When Jess sis asked "What about all of the other little children waiting to trade their tooth for a dollar?" Lil' J replied "Well I guess they'll have to get a new tooth fairy now won't they?"

He was confident in his plan till' Aunt Becca (that's me) asked "but what if the reason she collects teeth is because that's what she EATS? What if you have to feed her the REST OF YOUR TEETH?" I honestly don't know where that idea came from!

I confess that my own children were never the curious sort who tried to capture the tooth fairy. They just wanted the dough, so they could buy candy with it. The "tooth fairy" could never afford to pay them much for their teeth, since the co-pay for just one cavity runs around $40.

My sister's boys are so totally different from my kids.  You NEVER know what to expect from them, having two active boys in a house (I have Girl, Boy, Girl) is like mixing cement with tooth paste, I mean, what the heck would happen?  Does ANYBODY know? Why would anybody try that?  That's my curious/crazy/intrepid nephews in a nut shell.  

Everyone in my house snickers and creeps in to eavesdrop when Jess sis calls and I say "they did what?!?!?"

You gotta love little boys.

Best wishes,

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  1. Oh yes you do. If my mother had let me in on the stuff my two would be getting up to, I'm pretty sure I'd still just have dogs!
    Happy New Year!