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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Normalcy ~ Blow Up Doll Ad ~ & Cake

It must be a crime to crave normal.  Because I keep getting punished for it. 

Abstract, strange, twists of fate collect in my life faster than an old woman can collect dollar store porcelain.  Not only unexpected but… warped in a fashion not unlike “what could have beens” but without the hint of euphemism. 
I would not be surprised tomorrow to see an alien vessel land on the road in front of me.  And they would be vicious, of course vicious. 

It’s good to be a colorful individual. I really do believe that.  I simply, simply crave a little normal. As I look around I see many other people have it.  I crave normal.   

And maybe some chocolate cake.

Best wishes,


  1. "There is no normal life wyatt, there is only life" Wyatt Earp

  2. Cake is always the better bet!