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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Skanky Little Bag

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had made a purse.  Certain *DF's requested a viewing of said purse which could not be immediately located in the "Hoard Holder" AKA "Becca's Closet."

While rummaging for Christmas wrapping paper, (I know the kids are grown up and know there is no You Know Who but I still hide the You Know Who paper so there is a difference between the Elves paper and Mom & Dad's paper), I located my lil' red bag! JOYOUS NOEL! I immediately photographed it on my dog hair covered chocolate brown comforter.  No, I didn't vacuum off the comforter first. These are the little details that make me *FAAHW.

There is my lil' red bag, not perfect but imperfectly me! 

This is the season to get creative.  You can forgive yourself for "wasting" time creating by reasoning you may be able to give your results away as a money saving gift and, (use your Tom Brokaw voice~~~>NOW) "in these hard economic times," (ok that's enough), that's good logic nobody can argue with! 

Seriously, get out of Farmville & Cafe World, (ya'll who know know what I'm talking about), grab a needle and thread and some old clothes, sheets, or something you are planning on recycling, and just get creative!  Make an ornament, or a sachet, or stuff a little pillow.  No stuffing? Cut open an old pillow or stuffed animal you have laying around and hijack some from there!  Happy hunting, gathering and creating! Send me a pic!

Best wishes,

*FAAHW ~ Failure as a House Wife
*DF's ~ Dear Friends


  1. Love the idea of using stuffing from an old stuffed animal!

  2. I need some creative MOJO! Send a little out west will ya?